Our Projects

Reaching out to the community.`

Mamba Gomba

We are particularly excited about this partnership. Water wells Uganda is a respected development organization with an excellent team to do an excellent work the  local communities of Gomba district and the near by areas

Lukwanga Village Water Project

This is well number 16. This well is located in Lukwanga Village, Where water before digging for them a well was a problem to the extend a 20 litre jerry cane of water cost 900 Shillings and people had to trek miles to get water for home use and the new well helped to solve the problem in the community. The water table will be found at 90 feet. Special thanks to our dear friend Dave White For sponsoring this well project and for being part of Water Wells for Uganda. Keep supporting and funding wells project moving forward.

Maluube Village Bujjuko Water Project

This was well number 20 in Bujjuko Maluube Village. The water table was found at 70th feet. In Maluube village the whole area had only one Borehole which catered for the whole villages which has more than one thousand homes. We thank all our friends and partners for supporting this cause and made it possible. May God bless the hand of everyone who contributed towards the digging of this well. Looking forward to start another site soon.Keep supporting and funding wells project moving forward.

Maya town Water Project

This was well number 18.The people of Maya are very happy for this since they have been crossing a busy road  {high way} to fetch water and by  doing so a lots of accidents have been happening leading to loss of lives especially children, as reported by the residents. Thank God for The Winn Foundation Washington.

Nakisunga Village - Mukono district

Diseases are inevitable in communities which have no access to safe and clean water. Nakisunga is said to be one of the areas where residents have to share water with animals like dogs and cattle. They report that sometimes they are forced to send away the dogs and cattle from the only source of water they have that is a pond so that they also get an opportunity to fetch water. This has made infections and diseases rampant in the community especially among children which puts them at a risk of death.
It has therefore been great joy for them to see that a brand new well has been provided in their community which they say it is going to be life saving!
Thank you all our friends and partners who have been instrumental in saving lives but do not forget that the struggle for safe and clean water still continues. God bless you WINN FOUNDATION for funding this well.

Kiziiba- Village Gomba district

It was such a great opportunity to host our beloved Friends Frederick Brindle and Christa Smith in Uganda and during their visit they were able to visit some of the wells we have so far completed in different areas . They were also able to be there when we were installing and dedicating our well number 14. We thank God for the visit and believe God that he will help us dig more wells in different communities of Uganda to provide fresh and clean water to eliminate the problem of water borne disease. Hallelujah!! All the glory is to our God. These wells will serve a big number of people who will be fetching water on these water sources and during the dedication of well number 14, the local leaders asked us if possible to dig for them the 3rd well because the need is very high . We call upon everyone to join us to provide clean water to different communities of Uganda.