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The reason why there is still need to help with water is that people drink from contaminated water sources therefore leading to death of many. It is reported that many people in Uganda, East Africa drink from water sources shared with animals or used for washing cars. It is believed that 75% of diseases in Uganda are caused by lack of clean water and poor sanitation.

Diseases caused by the above mentioned kill more children every year than AIDS and other diseases combined. Therefore we call upon everyone who is willing to save a life to join us in this struggle for clean and safe water. We appreciate you who are already in the boat and request you to continue supporting through international and The Winn Foundation Washington USA because the struggle still continues, and do not forget we have already the next well site,just praying for support.

Like in other countries we work on the need of clean fresh water  in many communities of Uganda. The good news is that in many places, there is ample groundwater that allows for hand-dug wells to be installed. Team dig by hand, to a depth of 50-100 feet, reinforcing the walls of the well along the way. Once a good amount of water is found, the well is capped with concrete and a hand pump is installed.

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